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Creating photos from a borrowed moment in time to become your personal treasure.
Nuestras fotos son un momento pedido prestaddo en el tiempo hecho para llegar a ser su tesoro personal.

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Having a journalism backgorund finding the truth of a matter comes naturally to me.
For nearly a decade I've acted as the Publicity Chair for several non-profit kennel clubs as well as other organizations.  The aim is to get the 'news' of an upcoming event to the general public.  

I've also had several news stories covered related to human interest on our local TV stations as I've broke news to them.
I was asked by a local family to help promote their side of the story regarding nuisance shooting happening in a
neighborhood near Sweeny Switch in Live Oak County. The aim was to search out a news organization who would listen to their story and
cover it fairly and accurately.  To my great pleasure the story "Sweating Bullets" by Denise Malan was featured as front page news
in the local Corpus Christi Caller Times Sunday edition May 24, 2009.

This is now a new service I am offering under contract.  If you have a news story that is not getting accurate coverage in South Texas or a human
interest story feel free to contact me.  We will together search out the best coverage options, talk price and promote you.

Thank you,
Penny Mikeman