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After 18 years of my mother dragging me to dog shows and helping mom with everything under the sun except getting in the ring, I'd like to share an expression of myself and love of animals with movement photography.  Please feel free to share his link with others who you may see photographed. Two years ago at the International shows in Hutto, Judge Jane Roppollo remarked while she watched this "rocker kid" with long black hair tell my mom how to set up "Kaiser" for a photograph that "gee he really seems to know what he's talking about", to which mom replied he's been photographing dogs since he could stand and hold a camera.  My mom tells everyone, "When he was little I'd tell Jackson let's take pix of the dogs and he'd say 'how many' in his eagerness to return to his game boy or cartoons and mom would say 'until we get it right'."  Now I love getting it right for you! - Jackson Garcia a7x_rocker17@yahoo.com

Images are numbered by date taken and given a series of identifying letters or numbers or name if we know the dog or owner/handler, this is called your image's ID#.  When you click the PayPal logo to complete your purchase be sure to include in your notes to us, your images ID#.  Dog show folk as we know are pretty honest folks, we watch each others set ups at shows and no one steals a thing.  So I'd appreciate if you treat these small jpegs with the same kindness and not take them without paying for the full size email jpeg.  I'm a college student and appreciate your purchase as it helps makes ends meet!  Also I do not offer refunds on purchases as once emailed they can be used by anyone on any website, thank you for understanding and thanks for not taking photos without paying.   Jack

$12 EACH
$19 EACH

HOUSTON, TEXAS     JULY 23-25, 2010

more photos to be posted of Great Danes, check back as I get the opportunity to edit.
Sorry I did not cover bitch or breed classes at Danes/Reliant

open fawn dog - color
open fawn dog - sepia
poncio-watts dog-br color
poncio-watts dog-br sepia
arnold dog - color
arnold dog - sepia
arnold-mincemoyer br dog - color
arnold-mincemoyer br dog-sepia
kerr br male view dwn/bk
kerr br male view dwn/bk sepia
kerr br male around
kerr br male around sepia