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Creating photos from a borrowed moment in time to become your personal treasure.
Nuestras fotos son un momento pedido prestaddo en el tiempo hecho para llegar a ser su tesoro personal.

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Taken: Nueces County, TX (May 1999)

As a child I remember scouring our Texas yard for the ever illusive 4 leafed clover. Sometime in my teens I just stopped looking. One day on a kindergarten school field trip with my son, Ross, we together stumbled upon this patch of the 4 leafed shamrock. I think they are beautiful. Perhaps in other parts of the world they are abundant, but here in South Texas they are a rare treat.

"Lucky" is No Longer Available

Title: "Thistle"
Taken: Spring 1997 in Duval County, TX

"Thistle" is a private collection photo and was never available for purchase.

Title: "Wishing Windmill"
Taken: Nueces County, TX (Summer 1999)

I had to stop quickly and take this photo from my van window when I saw this gorgeous windmill.
"Wishing Windmill" is No Longer Available

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