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Nuestras fotos son un momento pedido prestaddo en el tiempo hecho para llegar a ser su tesoro personal.

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Title: "Horse Friends"
Summer 2006, Sunset Beach at Portland, TX

I spotted these ladies on horse back and they looked like they were having fun, so I took a few pictures.  This was my favorite.
And here are a few variations of Horse Friends as I tinkered with the photo.
Title: "Blue Heron"
Summer 2006, Sunrise Beach, Portland, TX

On the same journey where I saw "Horse Friends" I spotted this bird enjoying his morning.

Title: "Salty Dog"
Summer 2006, Bayfront Marina, Corpus Christi, TX

I was driving along People's Street T-Head when I noticed this cool old gent enjoying his evening.
Title: "Velvet"
Summer 2006, Banquete, TX

Velvet is the feature character in a book she's inspired me to write on her behalf.  We call it Velvet's Diary.  True beauty is not skin deep, it's heart deep.  For without inner beauty, outer beauty soon fades.

Title: "Ragz"
Spring 1996, La Porte, TX

Owner Handler, Janice Finney (formerly Jerue) booked me for the front cover advertising of her show dog "Ragz" with the May 1996 issue of Great Dane Reporter.   We shot 4 rolls of film that day and this photo was taken at one of my favorite places Morgan's Point in La Porte which is a small city outside of Houston.  We even went to the Yacht club where Ragz boarded a yacht and had his photo taken.  Those shots were great but with all the lines from the sails, they took away from what we were really advertising, the dog.  This photo was one of the first 10 that I took of Ragz that day.  I knew we had the cover in the first roll but we kept on shooting just in case.  From that experience was born the name "Front Cover" photography.

Title: "Flamingo Summer"Taken:
Summer 1997, Bexar County, TX

"Flamingo Summer" is one of my all-time favorite photographs. Every time I think of the title it reminds me of my mother. See our family last name is Flaming and when people would almost always ask how is that spelled, she'd say "Flamingo without the 'o' ". So now you know the story. Also noteworthy is the fact that Flamingo Summer was snapped during our first family outing with Don, Jackson, Ross, my mother & myself. We had a grand time that day and I'm happy to have the fond memory to share.

"Flamingo Summer" is No Longer available:

Title: "Mesquite Meow"
"Mesquite Meow" was taken sometime in 1999.

A young 20 something couple was sold this Tiger Cub by a local safari outfit. The couple wanted me to photograph the tiger cub before they returned him to the safari for a 'hopeful' refund as he was more than they could handle. Anyhow, we took the cub to a local park and he climbed this mesquite tree

"Mesquite Meow" is No Longer Available:
Title: "South Texas Christmas Snow 2004"

This is my dog, American & International Champion
Dagmar's Large And In Charge, who is better known as
"Titan" or "Teeton".  This was the first time I ever had my camera in the snow as it was the first snow South Texas had seen on a Christmas Day in something like 148 years!  In my lifetime it's the third time I've seen snow in South Texas (or ever for that matter).  I was so busy taking photos around the house of all our animals that I didn't even think to venture past our property and see what other treasures I could find.  And below is a photo of our Corgi "Tara" in the wee hours of the morning exploring the snow.  

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